Atlanta Adventures

Y’all this trip to Atlanta was CRAZY.

In less than 48 hours we ate more food & drank more coffee than you can IMAGINE.

There are a few things that I would love for y’all to know:



1: Every soul needs the saving of TSA Precheck– seriously you don’t have to WAIT IN LINE. Bless. It’s $85 for 5 years of avoiding the line… WORTH IT.

How to get TSA Precheck: At RDU you walk in Terminal 2 (the not Southwest side), go to baggage claim 5 & give them your finger prints, answer a couple questions & you are TSA recheck approved (After they email you your Known Traveler Number).

So easy & so worth it!


FullSizeRender.jpg2: Everyone go to the Westside of Atlanta… like y’all it is the bee’s knees & oh so cute!

I ate brunch at the West Egg Cafe, where I was totally planning on eating alone & reading. WELL I sat next to Sarah, the sweetest owner of Fabulous Frocks (Go buy a wedding dress from her if you are in DC, Atlanta or Charleston). We ended up eating brunch together at the bar and talking about ALL things.

I would also HIGHLY recommend the Georgia Benedict #lifechanged.

Just thought I should tell the world to eat great food & not wait in line at airports.

Elise OUT



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