Take a Train & Go on Adventures

I recently visited my sister in Nashville, TN for four days. We did not fight (that much) but we did do a TON of fun things like be VIP at a Need to breathe concert & drink coffee at Barista Parlor (Order the Carmel Whiskey Latte, the coffee is brewed in old whiskey barrels, its life changing!).



On this trip Eva left me at a coffee shop for 7 hours. I read a book… an entire book BUT during this time I reflected on things that make me feel alive. Things that make me feel REALLY alive & energize me. What did I discover?

There are 5 things that fill me up & make me feel OH so alive:

1: Travel- getting outside of Raleigh, that fills me UP. Even if it is a day trip to the beach, I have to intentionally plan small and large trips out of my regular routine. In September, October, November & December I went to Nashville, Kansas, Missouri & DC.

2: New things- I have to try NEW things. In October I did a 21 day fix, November I went to football games & December I saw the nutcracker. I did things that I had never done & I will continue to seek out new things to do. I am doing a cooking class in January and hiking a mountain in February.

3: Read More- I have read A TON over the past 3 months because I have been intentional about it. Check out THIS blog post for 5 of my favorite books from this year! I am currently reading Growing Young & Christmas Joy. In learning balance in Ministry-Life I like to read a book that helps me grow in ministry & a book for fun!

4: Pray Circles- I am almost done with the book Circle Maker by Mark Patterson.  I have been super convicted about what I am praying circles around. Currently I am praying REAL hard for: each of my girls & their families in my 8th grade Bible Study, my campus Student Ministry Directors, specific students in each student ministry, my family & future student ministries that don’t exist yet.

5: Pray Big Dreams: I recently heard my pastor say, “You have not because you ask not.” Since that Sunday I have prayed some pretty large prayers I have been dreaming & asking God for some pretty BIG things. Don’t be afraid to dream big, let the Lord work in & through you.

Since that Nashville trip I have been SO intentional about trying new things, traveling, reading more, praying intentionally prayers and dreaming big dreams. It has helped me get to this healthy place of leading leaders & lead myself.

I challenge you to look at what fills you up & make sure it is a part of your 2017 year, it’s amazing how much those things change your heart & fill it up… then go do them!


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