26 Things I Have Learned in 26 Years

1: Find a good mascara, seriously this is a game changer in every single part of your life.

2: Find the job that you love, that you are excited to go to every morning. Find a job that challenges you and makes you grow.

3: Do your hair and wear clothes that you love. It has taken me WAY to long to figure this one out.

4: Care deeply for others. I am talking relationships, friendships, familyships… basically all the ships. Love people, genuinely love them. Let them into your life.

5: You are important. Your time is important. Your heart is important. You matter. You can not pour into others until you have poured into yourself.

6: Create community. You can not do life alone. You need people to love you where you are and through hard things. You need people to speak truth into your life. You need people to eat and to cook with you. You need people. Create a community that welcomes people from all walks of life.

7: Eat good food. Eat healthy food. Eat weird food. Try any and everything that is put in front of you.

8: Find women that you want to be like when you grow up. Tell them you want to be like them, then spend time with them and learn from them. S/O to Mom, Shelley, Lea, Mandy, Wendy & Kerry 🙂

9: Money is just money. Be a good steward to what you have been given. Give it away. Buy other people presents or their groceries for the month.

10: Learn other peoples love languages. Quality Time. Words of affirmation. Acts of Service. Gifts. Physical touch. Look at how you know you are loved and how others know they are loved and be intentional with your efforts in those “ships.”

11: Realize the types of friendships you have and the types you need. Long distant friendships are different then your friends that you see everyday. Embrace different kinds of friendships.

12: Find a good watch. This makes me manage time SO much better & not get distracted by looking at my phone.

13: Figure out what makes you feel alive, like really alive & go do it, make it a part of your schedule. Then go do it. Travel more. Read more. Run more. Do more of what makes you feel alive.

14: It’s okay when a relationship ends. You got to know someone, you put yourself out there and it’s okay that it didn’t work out. Eat good food, do fun things and get to know each other. When it’s over… move on.

15: Be happy for others. Celebrate with them, cheer them on. When great things in other peoples lives happen REJOICE with them. Buy them a cake and let them know that you care.

16: Mourn with others. When others hurt sit with them. Be with them. Pray for them. Bring them cake. Cry with them.

17: Bring cake to everything & punch. Life is too short to not drink punch & eat cake.

18: When something is once in a life time, do it. Step out, take a leap of faith. DO things that you have never done.

19: Learn to be alone. Go to eat alone. Read at a coffee shop alone. Go to the movies alone. Be okay with being alone.

20: Love the Lord… like genuinely love the Lord. Read your bible, journal, read books about the Bible, study it, know it, memorize it. Go to church & meet other people that love the Lord too. How can you know what God is calling you to do next if you don’t know the character of God?

21: You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. Who are your 5? Who do you surround yourself with? Make sure these people are people that you want to be like.

22: IF there is a Photo Booth… go and take so many pictures. In fact take pictures, take so many pictures. Even if you are alone, at a donut shop that has a Photo Booth, go in the Photo Booth alone and take pictures.

23: Travel. Visit your friends. Try new things, eat new food, meet new people, live in new towns. Don’t miss weddings of people that you really care about.

24: Move somewhere that you know NO ONE. I did this 4 years ago when I moved from KC to NC.

25: Drink good coffee from your favorite coffee shops. Embrace a decaf iced americano or a maple cinnamon latte.

26: Embrace yourself. God only created one of you and you are GREAT. You are exactly where you need to be.





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