Nashville, TN

Four years ago I sat in the airport in Nashville, TN on my way to visit Raleigh, NC.
Today I sit in that same seat a completely different person, that Elise could never have predicted the past four years (Seriously the last four years have been CRAY).
This morning I met with the men and women that make up our staff and campus teams. We shared wins. We prayed. We have planted six churches in six years.
We cried as we prayed for the church and not the cute kind of cry, I ugly cried with mascara rolling down my face. #reallife
I am a part of a church that is pointing people to Jesus… to a hope that can come only from the Lord.
I am able to watch families find redemption and see hope. I’m talking the real life giving hope. The hope that we see in the resurrection and in the Lord working in the darkness of our lives.
I am a part of that. I am a part of a movement of churches that are changing the trajectory of the triangle and of the world. I am a part of something so much bigger then myself.
It is surreal to think about what has happened over the last four years…to think about the lessons I have learned, the people I have met and to think about what will happen in the next four years.
Here’s the deal… the Lord doesn’t do great things through great people. He does great things through surrendered people (Jeannie Allen said that in her book Anything).
Y’all we are called to make a mighty Kingdom impact, it’s in our DNA. We serve a God that does great things through our surrendered life, not because we are great. We are called to bring light into the darkness of others lives. We are called get down on our knees and pray, to weep for those who are hurting… to rejoice with those that rejoice.
Y’all we are called to live a life that will last beyond our life. 
In Jeremiah 26:17 it says, “There they will exclaim, ‘Pharaoh king of Egypt is only a loud noise; he has missed his opportunity.”
Don’t miss your opportunity. Don’t miss where the Lord has you right now. Don’t miss it.
 I didn’t miss the opportunity, I embraced it… I jumped all the way in & I would not change a thing.

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