Brokenness Aside

I was listening to All Sons & Daughters as I drove into Sola {best coffee shop in Raleigh, go get a Maple Latte #lifechanged}. As I was walking into the door this girl, Amber stopped me & said, ” I love that song you were listening to in your car as you drove in.” For the next hour I heard her whole life story, something that seems to happen a lot in my life. She has been at a facility that helps with eating disorders, at the young age of 20. I listened to her story, both of us with tear in our eyes. We talked about how much she’s learned, about fears of going back into the real world & brokenness.

Amber is in a season of brokenness that we all experience. We all know that feeling of hopelessness & being completely broken into shambles. We have no idea WHY this is happening or how we will ever make it though. Then we make it, when all odds seem to be against us.

Brokenness is a really beautiful thing.

Those seasons of brokenness are the times I feel closest to God, while yes things seem to be falling a part, I am actually just allowing God to work in the midst of my messy life. In the process of being broken I learn about who I am & who God created me to be. I learn why being broken is so beautiful.

It’s beautiful because it makes me more like the one who created me. You are a savior & take brokenness aside & make it beautiful.. if it’s not one thing its another. Caught up in word, tangled in lies. {One of my favorite lines from All Sons & Daughters, Brokenness aside}

Now that I have figured out where my brokenness & how my brokenness plays into my story. How does my story play into the greater story of the church?

We’ve set these milestones & we’ve seen these things pass and we don’t want to forget about them because they have been really important to who we were and how we were shaped.

In Scripture, I think it’s in Joshua, God tells them you need to place, Ebenezer’s these monuments in the places that you have been when they walk through the Jordan river in remembrance of what you did & how you made it through.

It’s important that us, as Christians, set these monuments.. these milestones and say I remember that season of my life. Without that season I wouldn’t be in this season… so easily we want to forget. We put it off & we don’t want to remember the shame or the brokenness because it’s easier to just pretend like I have always been whole.

With out that season, I wouldn’t be in this season. The last season of my life I saw God’s faithfulness… over & over & over & over. In my life, in the lives of our youth, in my friends, in my family.. I feel like I just kept seeing it every where I went & in everything. I kept coming back to Acts 19:5, ” God did extraordinary miracles through Paul.” That God used a crazy Paul story & He will use me & my story. That even when it all doesn’t make sense, God has the whole world in His hands.

I see God’s faithfulness in Ambers life. That she will overcome this eating disorder & other parts of her life. She will be victorious with Jesus by her side. I see this season of brokenness she’s been in, which seems like it’s been forever, and know she will later look at it as an Ebinezer monument, knowing she wouldn’t be in this season with out that one.

Seasons of our lives are beautiful, just like I said in my last blog, but seasons of brokenness are also beautiful. because we wouldn’t be where we were without them.


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