Seasons are so weird. I mean I LOVE them, I’m always ready for one to end & get on with the next one.

I love summer & the heat it bring {& the tanness & beach trips & summer camps} but I am always ready for the rest & coolness that comes after summer.

I love fall & it being okay to have bangs because I am not sweating every second any more. It is also the BEST season because it’s football season & scarves & fall party’s. But I am always ready for the Christmas season that follows.

I love winter & how everything in North Carolina shuts down at the thought of snow. Which just means hanging out at home, playing games & watching Netflix in really fluffy socks. But I am always ready for the shorts & warmness that spring brings.

I love spring & hammocking & spending a lot of time outside. But I am always ready for the excitement of summer camps & beach trips & going to the Dominican Republic & the exhaustion that comes with that.

This happens every year. I am so excited for a season to begin & then ready for it to end. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat & so often I miss what is happening in that season & how that season is so unique in itself. Fall is nothing like summer & I love that. Because if every season was summer I would DIEEEE because summer is exhausting in every aspect of life it’s HOT, emotionally, physically, relationally and spiritually. Summer is also where I see so many prayers answered & God’s faithfulness in the lives of our teens become very vibrant.

Each season is beautiful. Each season is hard. Each season has its own challenges & its own unique characteristics.

I think I do the same thing with seasons of my life. Seasons of brokenness, of encouragement, of seeing God’s faithfulness, of depression, of abundant happiness and of change.

I love the season in the beginning, then towards the end I am ready for something new.

Since the end of July I have been in a season of seeing God’s faithfulness. I see it in my own life but I also see it in the lives of our youth & in our church. I feel like God’s faithfulness has been everywhere & in everything {Hebrews 11}. For the first time I have not been ready for a season to end. This has been one of the coolest season I have ever been in.

I have no idea what this next season of my life will bring {besides scarves & some great football games}. I do know that, just like this past season, this season I will embrace with all that I am God, who He is & the plans He has for me. Because I know He is faithful. I know that even if it’s a hard season, the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells inside of me. I know that I have hope for the future & a hope in who Christ is.



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